Skin & body health by Louise.

Hi I’m Louise Brownlie, owner of Skin Esteem Aesthetix. My passion is helping my clients feel amazing from the inside out, my aim is to dedicate my time & knowledge to you in any way I can. I will help you achieve your ultimate skin & body health! You will always be welcomed with warm & friendly staff, and made to feel comfortable in clinic & you will leave feeling absolutely fantastic!


Any type of clothing can be worn to your appointment, if there is a specific attire I would let you know at the time of your consultation. It’s my job to adapt and make your treatment comfortable.

Appointment times will vary for each treatment, when booking your appointment you will be advised of your treatment time.

You can expect to be welcomed into a friendly and relaxed environment, and made to feel at ease. All treatments and procedures will be explained in depth before they are carried out, you will know exactly what to expect.

You can book in by clicking here or by contacting us direct

Consultations are very important in the planning of a specific treatment, they determine both mine and your expectations and most importantly any health issues or special care i must know about. This will ensure your needs, comfort and any adaptations are met.

Our clinic is found here

All services can be seen on the treatments list

All treatments and individuals time scheduling will differ, you will be advised at your consultation and each appointment of when is best for your next visit.

All treatment costs can be found on the treatment list or on the booking page

All treatments are carried out with your full agreement and understanding, nothing will feel forced upon you and all advice is free, and up to you to take on board or not. You are my main concern for the time you are with me and after your treatment, I hope that when you leave your consultation, you feel that you have 100% made the right and the best decision for you.