Dermaviduals does not contain any emulsifiers or preservatives and like the skin itself, dermaviduals creams contains ceramides, triglycerides, squalene and sterols. They have a special bilayer structure that integrate directly to the skin lipids. Basically our skin barrier is like brickwork, the skin cells are the bricks and the lipids between the cells form the mortar. These lipids determine the effectiveness of the protection barrier. When this barrier is impaired in anyway water escapes through and past the mortar and skin will become dehydrated, this is when skin sensitivity and inflammation will occur. Dermaviduals products work to repair the skin barrier and work with the skins structural integrity to revise and hydrate the skin and preserving the epidermis. Dermaviduals have thirty actives, of which twenty-three are liposome or nanoparticles, meaning each have the ability to boost the delivery system allowing greater penetration of the products. Dermaviduals allow me to completely tailor the products by the ability to blend actives with the cleansers, creams and serum. Homecare and in clinic treatments are totally bespoke to you as an individual skin, as not two skins are the same in any form. Dermaviduals facials start at £65