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Client Reviews

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Around April last year I started to experience irritation around my eye lids and under my eyes. I firstly thought this was down to hay fever as I suffer quite badly but as the weeks went on and I kept taking piriton my eyes got worse and worse. The pain around my eyes was horrendous and they were very red and inflamed. I then thought I had taken a reaction to the new alcohol gel that I used at work so I stopped using this and only washed my hands. But nothing changed. So decided to go to the doctor who prescribed a steroid cream to use. This burned and I tried to persevere but the feeling on my face just didn’t feel right. So I went back to the doctor who prescribed an emollient. This may a slight difference but was clogging my pores and started to get lots of sore spots. I then looked to a more aesthetic experience I started to use ZO products which I wanted to get my skin back to normal which it did with the spots but I experienced extreme drying around my eyes. I again tried to persevere with the steroid lasting the full 7 days but again my eyes never changed. 

This was when I had started to follow Louise. I loved her posts she talks all about gut health and how this can have an effect on how your skin may be reacting. I have been diagnosed with chronic IBS for years which can be triggered by stress. I need to add here that in the last year as well as going through the pandemic I got a promotion in work and also moved house so my stress levels were definitely higher than usual but I didn’t feel overly stressed so never thought about this making a difference to my skin. I booked a consultation with Louise and she instantly made me feel at ease, I was so self conscious of my face and my eyes. She asked me more questions than even my GP asked talking me through everything from the minute I noticed this change to now. Louise advised me to try some probiotics and magnesium supplements as well as being mindful of my diet. She offered DMK products and explained exactly what I had to do with them. I started using the products straight away and began using my supplements. Within 2wks I had noticed a difference I didn’t get as many upset stomachs as I used to the products made my skin clear and feeling nourished. I was so excited by week 4 I couldn’t wait to show Louise a photo of my eye I even took the photo right out the shower. I’ve continued using my supplements and DMK products since I’m absolutely over the moon and can’t wait to try the other products and facials Louise has to offer as soon as we can. Thank you soo much Louise 

Absolute expert in all Skin aspects and practices. A breadth of knowledge that really does become apart when you speak to Louise about treatments, recovery, healing, the details about skin challenges and solutions. Extremely professional and I would trust Louise with any skin treatment or procedure 100%. Its not just a small treatment or one off – there’s proper programmes in place for sustainable positive results. Louise has invested so much time in to unskilling her academic qualifications and she certainly brings this to the room when you are with her in treatment. Such a welcoming energy and valuable treatment and appointment. Would highly recommend @Skinesteemaesthetix if you want a specialist to look at your skin and suggest the most professional and longer term honest solutions.

Louise… AKA my skincare hero!

I have been a customer of Louise for 3+ years now, and I can honestly say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. My skin hasn’t ever looked so good, or felt as clean. I have always been interested in “skincare”, well as I thought I knew it, supermarket skincare and could never understand why my skin was still continuously breaking out. Louise has taught me so much about my own skin, introduced me to amazing skincare products and it goes without saying, life changing skin treatments – I can honestly say I have never & will never look back! For someone who was so self cautious about their appearance and skin, Louise has and continues to give my skin the treatments it needs and she will always advise if she feels my skin needs some more care, or maybe if my diets been a bit off, lack of water, she can tell within seconds. This girl knows her stuff & if you don’t know, you need to get to know!




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