Louise Brownlie | The Skin Specialist


My Story

I’m a straight talking skin geek,  but the path to get was a rollercoaster!

From a young age, I was really interested in how the body worked and although I didn’t end up being a nurse (a path I once thought I would go down), I completed an HND in beauty therapy but knew there was more to know about skin… a lot more!

Work With Me

If you are telling yourself that flawless, healthy skin is for other people, I’m here to tell you it isn’t, and I’ve got countless client stories to prove it.

Imagine if in just 4 months you could have the clear skin you’ve always dreamt of!

  • A newfound confidence that you felt would never come back!
  • No make-up days!
  • Loving social events again and allowing your personality to shine again!
  • No more hiding!
  • Feeling totally in control of the triggers and having the level of education needed to ensure your skin stays clear & healthy!

I’m a  Skin Specialist and I just love treating acne & skin inflamed clients because transforming your skin, transforms you in the process.